In 2011, during my sophomore year at Phoenix Country Day School, I took a photography class and enjoyed it very much.  After helping my father, Robert A. Melikian, with a slide show based on his book Vanishing Phoenix, I decided to take photographs of existing City of Phoenix historic landmarks.  My father’s book was aimed at historic preservation by highlighting all the beautiful buildings that Phoenix has lost over the years.  With my playing cards, I wanted to take a more positive approach to historic preservation by documenting many of the historically significant buildings still standing.  My hope is to attract attention to these buildings, their beauty and significance and help preserve them for future generations.

I hope you enjoy my playing cards and take the time to find and take a close look at the building featured in them.  The map included in my website will help you locate the buildings and includes more historic information about them.  I am thankful to my father for helping me compile this information.  I will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of the playing cards to the Arizona Preservation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Arizona’s historic, archaeological, architectural, and cultural resources.

I would like to thank Jim McPherson, President of the Arizona Preservation Foundation, and Gina Bridgeman, Communications Director at Phoenix Country Day School, for their enthusiasm about my cards and for their help in promoting them.  I’m also thankful to my father.  His constant talk about Phoenix history and the importance of preserving it for as long as I can remember finally sank in and helped me in coming up with this idea.  Finally, I would like to thank Phoenix Country Day School for providing an environment where learning happens at all times, both inside and outside the classroom.

Thank you for your interest in my cards,

Alexandra Dee Melikian