Explore Coronado Historic Landmarks


Thank you for supporting my first set of cards featuring historic landmarks in the City of Phoenix.  As a result of the success of the cards, I was able to collaborate with the Coronado Historical Association and produce a set of cards highlighting the beautiful historic homes and buildings of the City of Coronado, California.

I have spent most of my summers in Coronado and consider it a second home.  The Explore Coronado Historic Landmarks playing cards include 56 cards featuring my original photographs as well as historic black and white photographs form the Collection of the Coronado Historical Association.  All proceeds from the cards benefit the Coronado Historical Association.

Thank you again for supporting my cards and historic preservation,

Alexandra Dee Melikian

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Thank you for visiting Explore History Cards, a website dedicated to historic preservation through the sale of playing cards featuring historic buildings.  The first set of cards is Explore Phoenix Historic Landmarks, a set of playing cards featuring original photos of 54 of the most significant historic landmarks of the City of Phoenix.

Thank you for your interest in my cards and in historic preservation,

Alexandra Dee Melikian